Crocodiles, kingfishers and a hippo with a really big jaw

Beauty all around on the St Lucia Estuary. Big, small and all in between...

Crocodiles, kingfishers and a hippo with a really big jaw

by | Dec 21, 2020 | Hippo and Croc Boat Cruise Updates | 0 comments

Hippo and Croc Boat CruiseOh my, I am happy to live and work in St Lucia! I love nature and all of the awesome sights I see every day by just going to work. The weather has been very good for the cruise lately and we have been seeing some nice animals.

When there was a drought for some years now, the lake almost dried up all the way. It did dry up some places in the top of the lake system. Then all the hippos came down looking for water. This means that there are now many more hippos than some years ago.

Hippo and Croc Boat CruiseIt is very interesting to see the extra scars on all of the males backs and heads from fighting for mates. And because there are more hippos, males and females, there are plenty babies too. This makes the tour very good for us, because then we can find the best photos for our guests instead of stopping for every 1 hippo.

I like birds too on the hippo boat cruise. My favourites are the kingfishers.

Hippo and Croc Boat CruiseJust this week I saw the Malachite kingfisher, the Giant kingfisher, the Pied Kingfisher (of course), the Mangrove kingfisher, a Pygmy kingfisher and, for the first time, a Half-collared kingfisher!

I have to say, with more than 520 recorded species found around here and in the iSimangaliso Park, the bird-watching is very good. Every day on the boat I see at least 50 species of different birds.

Hippo and Croc Boat CruiseThe crocodiles are also very cool to look at, but they are very dangerous to touch. Because crocodiles can jump out of the water at least 1.5 times their own bodies length, we stay at least that away from them. Most times they are laying in the sun on the bank of the water.