A great day on the water fishing

by | Dec 21, 2020 | Deep Sea Fishing Updates | 0 comments

Deep Sea Fishing with Advantage

I had the most amazing couple for fishing today. They were full of life and smiles and jokes. It was refreshing to spend the day with them.

The weather was overcast, so the sun wasn’t bearing down on us. Favourable wind and waves made for a good day on the water; and thankfully nobody got sick!

After asking their fill of questions and learning the basics of baiting (which we handled) and casting, they were on with a bang.

It was pretty spectacular when they both got a “Fish on!” at the same time. After the first 20 seconds of frantic adrenalin, the fish were slowly fought towards the boat. Two beautifully iridescent dorado, some very good eating.

Deep Sea Fishing with Advantage

Dorado, also known as mahi-mahi in Hawaii, is a ray-finned game fish found all over the world in tropical and sub-tropical waters. Its true name is the Common Dolphinfish with only one other member of its family, the Pompano Dolphinfish.

The day continued to delight with fish and laughter. A truly wonderful catch for first-timers, everyone aboard had a really good time making it a reality.

So just a note to those thinking about joining me for a day’s Deep Sea Fishing with Advantage. Even if you have no experience, don’t worry about the details, we take care of those for you. Your hooks are baited and you use our well-maintained rods. You have a professional skipper who knows what’s biting and where. And then after the day is over, we will clean, fillet and vacuum seal your catch.

Don’t let doubts hold you back from having this good time and enjoying your own fish that you’ve caught yourself. Somehow it just tastes better!