Hippo and Croc Boat Cruise in St Lucia

Hippo and Crocodile St Lucia Cruise aboard Advantage Cruiser, the jewel of the St Lucia Estuary, a spacious flat-bottomed boat which takes you on a journey of discovery through the St Lucia Estuary. Frolicking hippopotami, lazy Nile crocodiles and majestic fish eagles are some of the highlights of the adventure.

Traversing approx. 7 kilometers of the estuarine waterway, the Advantage Cruiser will get you closer to the wildlife for the ultimate photographic opportunities.

Hippo and Crocodile Boat Cruise

Further Details:

Bar & toilet facilities aboard Advantage Cruiser, our luxury double decker boat. Our fully licensed cash bar aboard means there are snacks and drinks available, with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options.

Imagine yourself here…

A gentle breeze caressed my face with moist warm fingers pulling aft, lingering playfully in my hair. I was onboard Advantage Cruiser steaming up the estuary to capture my first hippo on camera.

From away somewhere far in the distance the melodic grunting of hippos playing reached my ears. Getting closer the grunts intensified.

Mere minutes later, we arrived on a violent scene unfolding as we drew near to the hippo pod. Rival males were squaring off vehemently, charging and slashing at each other with their sabre teeth.

A blow landed the younger opponent sharply and he turned tail and fled. The victor gave mock chase to sound a decided “Good riddance!” to the loser.

I had caught it all on film! What an amazing adventure on the Hippo and Crocodile St Lucia Cruise!

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What are the sightings?

Hippos, hippos and more hippos! The recent droughts have moved many more hippos into our Southern section of the estuary to mate and frolic.

Along the way, there may be crocodiles sunning themselves, all sorts of birds doing their thing and possibility of all sorts of game along the bank. These may include elephants, buffalo, rhino, antelope of all kinds, leopard, and other game, both big and small.

Hippo and Crocodile Boat Cruise

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