Dolphin Ocean Cruise in St Lucia

An approximate 2 hour trip aboard the ADVANTAGE Charter with qualified Marine Mammal whale watching guide and skipper Danie or Berno.

Experience the thrill of surf launching with the possibility of maybe seeing turtles, sharks, dolphins, pelagic sea birds, flying fish. Depending on wind conditions we will visit the Jolly Rubino shipwreck.

Dolphin Ocean Cruise St Lucia

Further Details:

An Ocean Adventure to remember. NO sightings guaranteed – search the open sea for what you might see.

Imagine yourself here…

The beach was hot. Sun-baked sand radiated heat in waves out to the horizon. As we were pushed out into the surf, a wave broke over the nose of the boat and cooled my face where it fell.

Speeding the boat steadfastly to a place only he knew the skipper stood staring knowingly into the distance. A short while later, the boat suddenly leapt to a halt!

Silence; A breeze; The light lapping of water against the hull. The shimmer of a back broke the surface with a fin…

Then, all at once, we were surrounded by them! A pod of playful dolphins frolicking raucously as they enjoyed the water. Leaping, breaching dolphins…

When will your dolphin dreams come true on your very own Dolphin Tour with surf launch.

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What are the sightings?

Nature is a fickle mistress and may not provide many sightings, but those that she does may include, but are not limited to:

  • Dolphins (Long-beaked common and sometimes bottlenose)
  • Sharks (tiger, great white, whale shark, and others)
  • Flying fish
  • Sea turtles (loggerhead or leatherback)
  • And lots of ocean birds

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