Deep Sea Fishing from St Lucia

A full day of game or bill fishing with experienced skipper Danie or Berno. WHAT YOU CATCH IS YOURS TO KEEP – according to the size and bag size limits on species and we support tag and release on Bill Fish. WE DO NOT DO BOTTOM FISHING.

Deep Sea Fishing St Lucia

Dolphin Ocean Cruise from St Lucia

An approximate 2 hour trip aboard the ADVANTAGE Charter with qualified Marine Mammal whale watching guide and skipper Danie or Berno.

Experience the thrill of surf launching with the possibility of maybe seeing turtles, sharks, dolphins, pelagic sea birds, flying fish. Depending on wind conditions we will visit the Jolly Rubino shipwreck.

Dolphin Ocean Cruise St Lucia

Guided Walking Trail from St Lucia

Journey in any number of directions with one of our qualified guides. Beach, estuary, forest, plain; St Lucia has so many different walking options. Walking trails in St Lucia are vividly interesting with the experience of our wildlife and bird-life obsessed guides.

Guided Walking Trails

Hippo and Crocodile St Lucia Cruise aboard Advantage Cruiser, the jewel of the St Lucia Estuary, a spacious flat-bottomed boat which takes you on a journey of discovery through the St Lucia Estuary. Frolicking hippopotami, lazy Nile crocodiles and majestic fish eagles are some of the highlights of the adventure.

Traversing approx. 7 kilometers of the estuarine waterway, the Advantage Cruiser will get you closer to the wildlife for the ultimate photographic opportunities.

Hippo and Crocodile Boat Cruise

Whale Watching St Lucia is a magical 2 hour St Lucia tour taking you as close as 50 meters from the giants of the deep. Humpback whales are the most commonly spotted, but Minky’s, Right and Sperm whales are also seen. Whale Watching St Lucia begins with a high energy surf launch which requires decent “holding on strength”. For this reason, we accept only children 12 years or older.

Whale Watching St Lucia