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Conditions of Admission

Boat Based Snorkeling and Diving Cape Vidal Conditions of Admission
Drunk individuals are discriminated against.
Boat Based Snorkeling and Diving Cape Vidal Returns and Refunds
No refund for tour done.
Cape Vidal iSimangaliso Wetlands Park Snorkeling Safari Conditions of Admission

Seat taken is seat paid. Adult or baby costs the same.

Cape Vidal iSimangaliso Wetlands Park Snorkeling Safari Returns and Refunds

No refund for tour done.

Deep Sea Game Fishing Charters St Lucia Returns and Refunds

No refund for tour done.

Harbour Cruise Richards Bay Conditions of Admission

For this cruise each client has to meet us in Richards bay at the Tuzi Gazi Waterfront.

Hippo and Crocodile St Lucia Cruise Conditions of Admission

Drunk individuals are discriminated against.

Hippo and Crocodile St Lucia Cruise Returns and Refunds

No hippos, money back.

Whale Watching Richards Bay Conditions of Admission

For this cruise each client has to meet us in Richards bay at the Tuzi Gazi Waterfront.

Whale Watching Richards Bay Returns and Refunds

40% money back guarantee.

Whale Watching St Lucia Conditions of Admission

2020 Whale Watching Rate – R1190-00 per person for St Lucia and Richards Bay

WHALE WATCHING season is from 1 JUNE – 30 November annually

IN THESE months we guarantee a sighting of a Humpback Whale – IF you have not seen a whale after 2 hours ON the ocean, you must PLEASE come back to the office STRAIGHT after the cruise and come and fetch a 40% refund –

Dear Client, we NEED YOUR MOBILE nr please – if we do not have this – and we need to phone you for bad weather/ change of time or date/ whatever reason – and we cannot get hold of you – we will go ahead with our tours, and you won’t be getting any refund – so it is imperative that we have a mobile nr where we can get hold of you please –

IF for safety reason, due to rough seas or bad weather our skipper/captain cancels a cruise – please DO come to our office immediately to get your full refund –

BEST CLOTHES TO WEAR is QUICK- DRY pants and top and jacket – IN CASE of a wet splash you don’t have heavy clothes on that takes long to dry –

ST LUCIA WHALE WATCHING – NO KIDS under 12years please – IF a family DOES book online, and the kids ARE too young, and they arrive on the beach , the captain will take the decision to send this family back to the office, and this family might not get any refund whatsoever – please make sure if you know you have primary school kids, to rather make use of the online booking system in Richards Bay – WE will take you to Richards Bay – WE will bring you back safely – the boat lies in the water at a jetty in the harbour and we depart through the harbour, no surf that we have to face.

From beginning of December till the very END of May we do not see whales, as this is the time that they migrate back to the Antarctic to feed.

CONDITIONS OF ADMISSION – Please take time to read, it is important information. – ADVANTAGE CRUISER CC

Guidelines to make the tour enjoyable.

  1. Most tours are weather permitting and can be cancelled at the last minute by the skipper if he/she decides there is a safety factor at risk. If the operator cancels the tour due to unpleasant / unsafe weather conditions, you will be given a full refund.
  2. We APOLOGIZE for last minute cancellations from our side, but we will not let anyone force us going into a rough sea which we regard as dangerous to our clients, boat and staff , the ocean conditions are not in our hands ,  – please respect this decision, we ultimately need the money which you paid us for your trip, so we will not cancel unnecessary !!!!! ☺☺
  3. Most tours must have a minimum number of passengers before it is viable to go-please ask about this in good time by checking with the office, BUT in general once the season is in full swing, there should be enough clients. It does sometimes happen at the very start and very end of season that we have very few clients.
  4. On booking and payment a receipt and directions will be issued, if you are late or at the wrong departure point;, no refund whatsoever will be given – please make a courtesy call to make 100% sure about the departure time before your tour commences. No negotiations about refunds for last minute cancellations or late arrivals will be allowed at all. VERY URGENT VERY URGENT  – kindly PLEASE DO make contact with us 2 FULL days prior to your excursion, as IF there is a weather change, we need to discuss an other option, if you do not make contact with us, the other option might be fully booked on the day of your arrival.
  5. Departure times could be changed according to tide / weather conditions / season and demand. It is the clients’ / agents’ / tour guides’ sole responsibility to phone our office in good time to confirm the point and time of departure – It also remains the clients sole responsibility to make sure he/she DO want to be on the tour, no last minute cancellations of any kind for any reason whatsoever will be accepted – IT IS NOT ADVISABLE FOR THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE TO GO WHALE WATCHING out of a beach surf launch area  ( St Lucia )  but below passengers can join our cruises that depart out of a harbour ( Richards Bay )
  • Osteoporosis
  • Previous Neck or Back Injuries
  • Elderly frail clientele
  • Epilepsy
  • Pregnant Ladies
  • People suffering from panic attacks
  • Children younger than 12years – please supply copy of passport
  • People that are seriously overweight ( apologies for this, but it is an issue on a high energy activity like a surf launch whale watching trip )
  1. For WHALE WATCHING trips always be at the office of departure ( ST LUCIA – THE WHALE OFFICE – next to the Ocean Basket Building )  – ( Richards bay – TUZI GAZI Waterfront , 1 Pioneer Road, next to the slipway ) 30minutes prior to the time written on your ticket – THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT –
  2. For HIPPO/CROC boat cruises please be at the SUNSET JETTY 15 minutes prior to departure – the jetty is at the end of McKenzie Street at the 2nd traffic circle to the right – there is sign board indicating Hippo / Croc Boat Cruises Sunset Jetty.
  3. Prices are subject to change without prior notice – it will only happen end of year on annual increase OR if there is huge fuel levy increase.
  4. Catering for large groups only can be done by prior arrangement only on the Hippo/Croc Boat Cruise, and all necessary details must be given to the company about dietary requirements. (NO CATERING ARE DONE ON WHALE WATCHING TRIPS, Hippo Boat Cruises for groups only.)
  5. Please show mutual respect and courtesy to other tourists and the   skipper/guide/ captain by not being noisy and loud during the duration of the tour , especially don’t talk whilst the guide/skipper/captain is conducting the tour ,other fellow tourists want to hear the educational information he/she has to give!!!! this is very important!
  6. Please listen carefully to the safety briefing given by the skipper/guide/captain as it is for your own passenger safety , THE CAPTAIN’s WORD IS LAW’ , please do not interrupt him/her whilst he/she is busy talking . ADVANTAGE CRUISER CC has a no smoking policy on board the Whale Watching vessel, no smoking of any kind will be allowed as this is against permit conditions.
  7. ADVANTAGE CRUISER CC ,it’s skippers , staff and guides will not accept any responsibility for any deaths , injury , or illness sustained or suffered by any person , or theft , loss or damage to any person or property whatsoever occurring within or from the use of the charterer s’ vessels , vehicles or part thereof.
  8. Last but not least, the tours are done with great enthusiasm by our qualified trained legal guides and skippers and it is our wish for you to return home with a memorable soul stirring experience. Please feel free to keep in touch with the company should there be any query or problem or assistance needed – our contact details
  9. The only time in our whale watching season when you MIGHT NOT see a HUMPBACK whales during your two hours on the ocean is the first two weeks of season and last two weeks of season – (season end May till beginning Dec) – in this period we offer 40% refund if you have not seen a whale – the months in-between off the St Lucia permit you are guaranteed to see a HUMPBACK whale –

Very important – St Lucia is the most beautiful place, but we sit often with treacherous beach launch conditions, and just cannot launch – on these days we do now have the option to take our guests around to our neighboring town of Richardsbay where we have a smooth harbor launch – we supply your transport, you do not have to drive there, and we will on this excursion supply a packet of crisps, a juice, and biscuits – because this Richardsbay trip will then be 5 hours instead of the 3 hours it would have been in St Lucia – trust us , after 17years of being a legal permit holder, to make the best and right decision – as our first aim is safety first –  BUT !!!!! if you are booked with us in St Lucia – it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to kindly please make contact with us 2 ( TWO ) full days before your cruise, so THAT we can put you over to Richards Bay, else you might find other interested customers might have already booked out the Richards Bay excursion.

Our ‘’smooth ‘’ harbor departure in Richardsbay, allows for families with young kids, more elderly frail people and disabled whom are not in wheelchairs, but still strong in their upper bodies.

AGAIN please note – your price INCLUDES your transfer to Richardsbay if you are staying in St Lucia –


In terms of Regulations of the Marine Living Resources Act (1998)

  1. It is an offence to approach any whale closer that 300m without a legal Boat-
  2. Based-Whale-Watching Permit.
  3. There are sometimes two but mostly only one LEGAL BBWW permit holders in each area.
  4. No cow-calf pairs may be approached by anyone.
  5. Clients on board an illegal vessel may be charged with contravening these regulations if the operator approaches a whale closer than 300m.
  6. Clients are advised to ensure their WHALE WATCHING operator has a legal boat-based-whale-watching permit.
  7. Your local legal permit holder in St Lucia is: ADVANTAGE CRUISER CC –


We do now have a safe secure ONLINE booking system called ACTIVITAR.

Should you book via this system, and the booking gets cancelled because of rough seas ( bad weather ), it is your responsibility to come to our office straight after the cancelation has been announced, and bring us a CREDIT CARD to refund you. NO refunds will be done via Debit Cards. On Few occasions, IF we have enough cash  in the office, we can do a cash refund – please just liaise with us.

If on arrival, you decide to secure a seat, by giving us your credit card , we will swipe your card only after the cruise had gone out successfully. If for reasons other than severe illness proven by a doctors note, you cancel at the last minute, or do not arrive, please do note that we will then swipe your card for the full amount.

If you prefer to do an internet payment transfers our bank details is:

Standard Bank
H A Bennett
05-77-30(branch code –sometimes you only need to use the 7730 digits)


  1. Where do we meet?

Bookings and confirmations have to be done with myself and staff at our Head Office of Advantage /St Lucia Tours, on the corner of the Dolphin Supermarket, next to PEP stores. This office is the very first office as you enter the town of St Lucia after crossing the bridge, next to the first traffic circle. The actual meeting point at time of departure is The Whale Office which is situated next to the Ocean Basket Building.

  1. What times do the boats go out?

The Hippo & Croc Trip has 3 – 4 two hour trips daily, tours change according to tide, season, weather or demand, so times given on the web page is just an indication, please confirm with the office.

Winter mostly 10h00, 12h00 and 15h00 (mid-April till mid Sept )

Summer mostly 08h00, 10h00, 12h00, 14h00 and 16h00 (mid Sept – mid April)

15 July – 25 August – 09h00, 11h00, 13h00 and 15h00.

The Whale Watching tours depart from mid-May to mid December annually to see HUMPBACK whales, and tours start at sunrise and thereafter every 2nd hour depending on demand and good ocean conditions. Early morning means the first trip for the day departs at 06h00 or 07h00’ish, the trip itself is 2 hours on the ocean, but we need 3 hours of your time, as we need to take you to and from the beach with a 4 x 4 truck. Next trips will be at 08h00, 10h00, 12h00 and 14h00 as the day progresses – always double check on time via TELEPHONE – as in season our office might be hectic busy and we won’t respond to an e-mail soon enough.

For Whale Watching Richards Bay we need 5 hours of your time as it is an hour’s drive to and from Richards Bay, +-20min in and out of the harbor, 2 hours out at sea, with toilet breaks.

  1. Can I take a camera?

Camera or ANY electronic equipment, cellphones, jewelry, bags which is not waterproof is taken on the whale watching and dolphin ocean adventure on own risk.

There are sudden splashes on the boats, and no guarantee that camera or other electronic equipment won’t get water damage.

We take no responsibility whatsoever for any equipment getting wet – please dress accordingly, and safe keep your personal items accordingly.

  1. What do I wear?

At the beginning of the whale watching season it can be quite cold early mornings , (June , July , August ) then it is always necessary to have a thick waterproof jacket, bottle of water, packet of biscuits, small liquid fruit juice, a towel , comfortable clothing , there are unpredictable splashes and a good idea to bring along a towel .Once off the truck on the beach, you’re going to walk through the sand before walking into the water to get onto the boat, so please wear shoes that can take water, don’t arrive for whale watching with high heels, jewelry, expensive shoes etc. By end of August, September, October and November please also bring along sun block lotion.

If you think you might get sea sick make sure to get a tablet from the chemist.  Bring your own drimac/raincoat prior to the launch, if you do not want to use the raincoats supplied on the boat.

  1. Does the boat operate only certain days?

No, the HIPPO / CROC boat cruise operates 7 days a week, so there are always trips going; it’s only the whale watching that is seasonable between the months of mid May to mid December, outside of Whale Season we will continue with a 2hour Ocean Adventure to see Dolphins and Other Marine Mammals.

  1. Will we be cold or sea sick on the Hippo/Croc Tour?

Cold maybe yes, especially within our winter months, it’s always better if you know you’re going on a boat cruise to bring along a warm jacket. No one has ever gotten sea sick on the Hippo/Croc Tour; you are aboard a very stable luxury passenger ferry on the inland waters of the St Lucia Estuary.

  1. Should I book ahead of time?

Most certainly, especially the whale trips are first come first serve, and no seats will be kept for people that haven’t booked and paid. On our whale watching trips we are dealing with our friend, THE OCEAN, WE are not in control of the weather conditions, and we have about FOUR out of the SEVEN good-weather days a week – so seats are extremely limited as IF we have to cancel a trip, there are always NEW clients booking, and cancelled clients who rebook for the next day.


Advantage Cruiser CC is fully insured against any unforeseen incident, but according to insurance regulations each client has to sign an indemnity form prior to the commencement of the journey.


Whale Watching St Lucia Returns and Refunds

40% money back guarantee.